Privacy Policy

Appsmartz is herein stating about its Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred as policy) for the user of Podcasts App (hereinafter referred as app) across the Globe. All the terms stated in the Terms of use at and at other pages of website have been settled between company and user with their full consent. The Company has not concealed anything from the content owner and User. While accepting the terms of use, the user is deemed to have knowledge of all the terms and conditions of use and of this policy to use the app. The user has also gone through the Terms of Use and has understood the same and is agreed with the same.

Policy Terms

  • Since this policy is written in simple English language and company has no liability to translate into the any particular/specific language of user and while going through this policy and while accepting the terms of Agreement of Service and Use, it will be believed that the user has accepted the terms of this policy and said agreement after going through the same in his/her own language/vernacular.
  • The consideration for using the app may be free or at premium defined in the terms of use.
  • In case of Merger, Sale or Re-constitution of company, the information provided by the user will be transferred to the subsequent owner/master and it is not necessary for the company to obtain the user’s consent in this regard and the user cannot in any manner challenge/object the same.
  • Active operation/Running the content on the app is subject to the online services on the place of user and company will not be responsible for the networking errors. The company does not warranty regarding the operation of app due to poor internet services. Running of app is not guaranteed in every country, but subject to the laws, policy and rules if any of the concerned Govt. of said State/country.
  • Your Public Information may be seen on the application, software, website, or at any other place of company or internet through any via media of communication, knowledge, visiting and enjoyment. Your profile or screen name may be searchable by search engines like many common social media services
  • The company observes your listening and usage activity. We collect information about stations, favorites, artists, channels, conversations, tracks and other content related data you have listened to or in which you have expressed an interest
  • The company has developed the app for the user, who is a competent person having appropriate age as per the law of his/her country to understand these terms of use, features of app and this policy. The user either barred or otherwise legally prohibited from downloading/installing or using the app or its any content under the laws of the country in which user resides or from which user accesses or uses the app must not access the app. The user is bound to comply with any additional age restrictions that might apply in a country for the use of contents or specific content of the app. The company has no concern with any age dispute of the user and only the user is solely responsible for the same, if any dispute arises in this regard as per the laws of user’s country.
  • This privacy is subject to the Indian Law
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