About Us


‘APPSMARTZ’ (hereinafter referred as company) has developed an app named “Podcasts App” (hereinafter referred as app) to enjoy the content defined below. This app is subject to the acceptance of following terms of use (hereinafter referred as Terms): - and at other pages of website have been settled between company and user with their full consent. The Company has not concealed anything from the content owner and User. While accepting the terms of use, the user is deemed to have knowledge of all the terms and conditions of use and of this policy to use the app. The user has also gone through the Terms of Use and has understood the same and is agreed with the same.
  1. Definitions
    1. App; means software application compatible with android, iOS and other web compatible devices also available on and other internet channels online app stores, which will provide an access to the user to enjoy all the audible content defined below, which may be played subject to the laws of State/Country of user.
    2. Competency; means capability of person to play the app, to use the app,
    3. Content; means the live/stored contents like song, audio books, podcasts, radios, music and all other audibles uploaded/registered/indexed by content owners on the open platform,
    4. Content Owner; means radio broadcaster, podcaster, audio content owner, content aggregators, singer, musician, any person or company who at his/its free and volunteered will uploads, registers, index his/its content,
    5. Consent; means a volunteered and free consent given by the user to the company that he/she has understood the following terms and are ready to use the app on the terms settled herein by clicking the displayed touch or button ‘Radio’ appearing on the device,
    6. Device; means a system compatible to the app installed in a vehicle,
    7. Open Platform; means a platform, where a radio broadcaster, podcaster, audio content owner, artists singer or any person or company willing to upload his/its audible contents uploads/registers/index the “content” defined as above,
    8. Premium; means the charges claimed by the content owner and payable by the user,
    9. Third Party; means a party who raises any dispute over the uploading of any radio channel on the web link provided by the company,
    10. User; means a person, who downloads/installs the app
    11. Vehicle; means all the vehicles like scooter, car, truck, heavy duty, passenger or any other driving vehicle installed with “device” as defined above