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17 - The Falcon Lake Incident with Brian and Angelo from Double Density

Category: Society & Culture
Duration: 01:43:47
Publish Date: 2020-03-19 14:16:28
When it comes to certain UFO cases, there are images that become indelibly implanted in your head. Whether it's the Adamski style saucers or the alien beings Whitley Strieber encountered in a cabin in upstate New York (what's with all the alien shaming, Angelo?), the saucers that haunt the mind have definitive shapes.

In the case of Stefan Michalak and the Falcon Lake Incident, it's a set of burns on his abdomen that became the iconic signature of this case. In May of 1967 Michalak set out for Falcon Lake to mine for silver. Instead he had a UFO encounter that lasted over 30 minutes. It ended when the UFO expelled hot gas, causing the miner to catch fire. He would stumble out of the woods and into one of the best investigated UFO cases in history.

Today, I'm joined by Brian and Angelo from the Double Density podcast to explore this incident, and whether or not a UFO farted on a man.


"The Falcon Lake Case: Too Close An Encounter" by Chris Rutkowski 

The Big Book of UFOs by Chris Rutkowski

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