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Zoox Self-Driving with Ethan Dreyfuss

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Duration: 01:03:04
Publish Date: 2019-02-20 04:00:17

Zoox is a full-stack self-driving car company. Zoox engineers work on everything a self-driving car company needs, from the physical car itself to the algorithms running on the car to the ride hailing system which the company plans to use to drive around riders. Since starting in 2014, Zoox has grown to over 500 employees.

Ethan Dreyfuss is a software infrastructure engineer at Zoox. He joins the show to discuss scaling an engineering team for self-driving. Machine learning was a big part of our conversation, because there are so many different approaches that an engineering team can take when it comes to machine learning for cars.

Can you take computer vision algorithms from academic papers and apply them to cars? Can you use the computer vision APIs from the cloud providers for anything useful? What about physical world mapping companies like Mapillary? How do you do data labeling, and data management? And how do you manage the interactions across the stack, from mechanical engineering to user interface design?

We touched on some of these areas, but barely scratched the surface of the self-driving car domain.

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