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Ep. 9: 75 min Level 2-3- Bala Yoga

Category: Health
Duration: 01:30:03
Publish Date: 2006-09-24 14:49:00

Yeay!  Sorry about last week all.  Got a little overwhelmed with my life ;) Here's some stuff I talk about in this week's episode, please you must check out some of this stuff:

Vic Hennegan (the music behind my intro) 

Rachel Kann-,, itunes page to buy 'I know this'

I Know This [ poets be slammin ] - 12.03.01 - by: Rachel Kann

I know this,

This, I know:

all that I have, all that is me,

resides inside my poetry,

and every time

I write a rhyme

it might be the line

that sets minds free.

And also I know that I don’t know shit!

And the more I know, the more I realize it.

I know that for all the pain I’ve cried

there is the exact same balance of joy on the other side

of that coin



the thinnest slip

of membrane

same goes for

crazy and sane

truth and lie

answer and why

because I know this:

this universe operates with a divine

tug of war teeter-totter,

bringing order and balance like the tide does to water,

like I know that each wave rolls back to the sea

retreating from me into deep green eternity,

and I know that I am free!

(...well, at least in my mind if I wanna be...)

I know that some things sound good to me in theory

but in point of fact, suck ass in actual practice,

like communism and pornography.

I know that its impossible

to really know

where anyone

is coming from

so who are we to judge ‘em?

I know that some

things are so dope they transcend their category

and its important to see the glory

in the ordinary.

Like, I know there’s Nag Champa,

and then there’s all other incense.

I can’t see putting Earl Grey up against any other tea,

Lash Out isn’t even on the same plane as other mascaras comparatively,

and I know there’s R&B,

and then there’s Otis Redding.

I know that most things

are much greater than the sum of their parts,

and that that’s the real definition of art.

Like, brownies are good, and so is whipped cream,

but you put ‘em together

and its this whole other chemical fucking thing,

like John Lennon and Paul McCartney singing harmony,

like masturbating as compared to an orgy...

I know that everything

within this

surface glimpse

of reality

is infinitely

simple and perfectly


and I know that being jaded and over it

is way overrated

and I know that the colors of this world only seem faded

in direct relation

to the darkness with which your mind’s eye is shaded,

and you made it

that way.

And you can choose to change your vision’s prismic range. Today.

And I know you got to help a friend who’s down.

And I know that no matter where you end up,

you’re still from your hometown.

And I know you got to know how

to listen to the sound

of your own heartbeat in the dead quiet of night sometimes,

and I know that can be so frightening...

...but I also know that

the deepest darkness is always the most enlightening,

and I know that fresh cold cantaloupe

tastes like the perfect first kiss,

and I know that

Lao-Tzu, and Moses, and Mohammed, and Buddha, and Allah, and Jesus, and all those dudes

knew some deep ass shit,

But I also know that we all hold

the same eternal truths in our hearts deepest pit.

It’s because

I know that we are made of the same stuff

as the sun

and moon

and farthest star

and that all that we are

is manifest energy

and that we already have everything we could ever need

if we could just begin to see clearly,

and I know that the world will continue to spin,

and I know that one day... you will let me in

and we will begin

to love in

a fashion

I couldn’t fathom


and we will laugh at the fact that we ever resisted

this blissful togetherness,

and the sex will be off the charts!

‘Cause we’ll both be super freaky,

but we’ll be fucking from the heart

‘cause our loving

will be a something

where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts,

(we are artists, after all, so what would fate have as make besides art?)

And I know that outside of this space time frame,

we are one and the same

we’re a part,

not apart,

so I know I can wait patiently for it to start,

and far out,

I may seem to be,

and maybe you so me as wacky,

but baby, the fact be,

that I am a poet,

and as all true poets do,

I’m mainlining the spiraling spherical

truth of the universe

turning it out and into lyrical



I know this.

This, I know.

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Sundown Lounge 

Here's the Class sequence:

Warm ups

half sun salutations x 2

sun salutations x 2

Crescent x 2

Deep Lunge with Chattarunga Arms

Twisting Downward Facing Dog

Parsvakonasana/Side Angle Pose

Trikonasana/ Triangle Pose

Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose) into standing splits variation with hips squared into a twisting lunge into Vashistasana (side plank pose)


Standing Hip Stretch

Wide Uttanasana Twist

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana/Pigeon

Pigeon twist variations

Parsva Bakasana

Standing hip stretch with twist (optional arm balance)

Lunge thigh stretch with twist

Dhanurasana/Bow pose

Urdhva Dhanurasana/Upward facing bow x 3

Marichyasana A

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Supta Padangustasana

easy twist 

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