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428: Got Wood Edition

Category: Music
Duration: 01:01:30
Publish Date: 2021-04-29 11:00:00
In this week’s episode, the church of bleach washes out, Ben Shapiro finally gets wood despite the medical risk to his wife, and Don Ford will be here to weird up his resume some more.
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Survey reveals how useless churches are in reigning in their own vaccine misinformation:
CT House passes bill removing religious exemptions to school vaccine requirements:
Anti-mask flat earther says government kidnapped him; court says "that's absurd":
FRC accidentally compiles a list of good things that Biden did in his first 100 days:
Kent Hovind tries to sue the government for him not paying taxes, and it’s just delightful:
Black boycott Home Depot; Ben Shapiro gets wood; Matt Schlapp boycotts drinking cum: 
This Week in Misogyny:
Study: Women that belong to church that exclude female leadership have worse health:
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