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67.2 Past Imperfect

Category: Arts
Duration: 00:18:05
Publish Date: 2021-08-01 23:00:00

Warner Hattersley has always been a student of the dark and macabre corners of the human mind, but when he stumbles upon a black-market technology, he learns just how dangerous obsession can become.

Written by Dexter Mcleod (

Narrated by James Barnett (

Edited by Duncan Muggleton (

With music by Chris Zabriskie (

and Thom Robson (

And sound effects provided by

The episode illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House (

Dexter McLeod is a writer from the southern United States, though he vacations on the shores of dim Carcosa. He writes in the darker shades of Southern Gothic, Cosmic Horror, Science Fiction, and the New Weird. You can follow him on Twitter, @DexterMcLeod.

James Barnett is the producer of the Night’s End podcast. A short story fiction podcast with tales of horror and the paranormal. Search for it wherever you get your podcasts. You can also catch other works of his at

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