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The Tories, The EU and the BBC still don't get it do they?

Category: News & Politics
Duration: 00:24:44
Publish Date: 2019-06-12 09:31:42

Jon Gaunt is demanding that all of this nonsense about which Tory has snorted cocaine and which hasn't has got to stop and we need to get on with the Coronation of Boris.

He is the only candidate who will deliver Brexit and of course that is what most Brits want.

If he is made Tory leader Jon still thinks that there will be a General Election and that Nigel Farage would hold the balance of power and thus a real Brexit would at last be delivered.

Junker and Macron are now obviously worried that we Brits might just walk away with the £39 Billion and say al bets are off and of course this is what we should do.

Jon also has a pop at the BBC demanding that they are forced to listen to this ever growing petition to reverse their wicked decision to means test pensioners for a free TV licence.

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