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Theresa May is no Trump! People getting angry.

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Duration: 00:41:11
Publish Date: 2019-04-08 02:23:03

Jon Gaunt did  not buy into Theresa May's cosy fireside chat to the British people last night.

He says  she was trying to do a Trump and talk directly over the heads of the MSM to the UK people however she is no Trump and does not have the common touch to communicate and people despise her.

Jon believes she is deluded and that the Cabinet must now revolt and put Boris in charge before she ties the UK in to the EU for ever. Our country's future is at stake.

Jon also talks about a new poll that says  the majority of Brits want a strong leader like Trump. How 1s that a surprise?

He also talks about the way mainstream politicians and the MSM look down their snooty noses at Populist leaders like Trump and the leaders of Italy. 

They think populism is a filthy word and that it threatens democracy instead of seeing that it is the present politicians led by May who are the biggest threat to our democracy as they are all ignoring the wishes and votes of the people.

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