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The Finger Poke Of Doom!

Category: Sports & Recreation
Duration: 02:34:05
Publish Date: 2020-01-02 05:00:00

On this week's Grilling JR with WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross & Conrad Thompson, the topic is one of the most infamous moments in WCW and professional wrestling history, the "Finger Poke Of Doom," which took place on 1-4-99, on a WCW Nitro that went head to head with a WWE Title change on RAW. WCW Champion Kevin Nash was due to defend his title against the former champion Goldberg, but due to some shenanigans courtesy of Miss Elizabeth, he was unable to make it in time for the match, and Hulk Hogan slid into his place for an NWO deception, Check out JR's thoughts on the show, the "match," the angle, WCW's disrespect towards Mick Foley, and so much more!

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