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Episode 19: How to Earn Your Best-Ever Back Squat

Category: Health
Duration: 00:46:15
Publish Date: 2017-05-30 13:37:17
Description: In this info-packed episode, strength coach and doctor of physical therapy John Rusin, PhD, gives his step-by-step guide to earning your right to kneel before the throne of the so-called King of Lifts. Do these squat variations in this order, and do your back squat this way, and you'll never regret it! Highlights: - Back squats as a destination, not a starting place - Why to start with front squat variations rather than leap into back squats - Why the goblet squat isn't "the pussification of squats" - Can you pass his "relative strength test?" Nick… couldn't. - The heavy goblet squat: great for in-season athletes or as a progression - How the landmine hits both the quads and the posterior chain harder than almost any other variation - How to use the landmine squat to add muscle, but also engrain the squat pattern--better than your so-called "mobility" routine - John's favorite version of the barbell front squat, and why you should progress to it from the other two moves - If you're not training for the Olympics or the CrossFit games, why do you kill yourself to squat like you are? - How to squat with straps… and how not to - What about belts? Wraps? Squat shoes? - How much belt is too much belt? (AKA, are you the guy wearing his belt at the urinal?) - Can the front squat be your "terminal squat?" - The problem with 20-rep squat protocols - The final stop on the progression: the back squat… sort of - What a difference a box and a couple bands make - Why some people can lift more with band resistance than without - How high should my box be? - The everyman's guide to singles, triples, and other low-rep squats Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates! Twitter | Facebook | Snapchat | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Google+ | Spotify | Mobile Apps | |
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