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The Mirror Path

Category: Religion & Spirituality
Duration: 01:17:17
Publish Date: 2014-08-10 13:15:07

A spontaneous talk recorded in Portugal.

This talk begins with questions about transcending conditioning, balancing spirituality and worldly life, and working hard for ‘things’. As Mooji addresses each of these questions, he reminds us that the human being is designed to fail in order to succeed; the inability to balance our lives can be a doorway into waking up from the shallowness of our own conditioning. What is important is to find out that which is not passing. The questioner’s mind is then brought closer and closer to its Source with the question, ‘Can the seer be seen’? This reminding does not create, invent, or try to make perfect what you are; it is only a dis-covering. “This is the beauty of Advaita guidance; it points you immediately beyond all the phenomena that appears in front of you, to show you that you cannot be any of that. This Advaita pointing is the essence of all religion. It’s the direct path – it’s the mirror path. How much practice do you need to look at your reflection in the mirror? So, I am going to call it the ‘mirror path’. It’s that direct. And sometimes, our minds don’t like what is direct. It’s much more in love with the journey than with the destination.” Mooji encourages the questioner to allow whatever is burning to burn; stay as That which is not participating in the burning. What results is the absence of doubt, and laughter.

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