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The Cure From Suffering

Category: Religion & Spirituality
Duration: 00:19:05
Publish Date: 2020-07-08 11:30:29
Description: A talk to cure us from the sickness of ego! "The whole world is suffering from becoming personal, it takes a little while to get out of it, but it can be done! The cause of suffering is ego, and the cure for suffering is the exposing that you’re not the ego. To be free of the ‘I,’ that is the greatest attainment in the human kingdom. To be free of the belief, ‘I am this body, I am this person.'" Monte Sahaja, Portugal 15 June 2020 ~ This video is the ‘Satsang of the Week’ for 28 June 2020 Watch: Subscribe for weekly notifications: If you would like to support the sharing of Satsang, you can donate here: #Mooji #satsang #spirituality #advaita #nonduality #awakening
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