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An Introduction to Your True Self

Category: Religion & Spirituality
Duration: 00:06:41
Publish Date: 2020-04-10 09:40:57
Description: “I want to encourage you by telling you: this is one of the most powerful things you can discover.” In this short and potent guidance, Moojibaba simply invites us to sit down and be present for 10 minutes. By following this guidance you come to rest in a deeper sense of yourself, which has tremendous benefits. “My heart just wants to encourage you, to remind you that your existence is a wonderful existence. Your spirit is pure and eternal. But I want you not just to hear me but to know that and experience this.” - This is an excerpt from the talk, “Remember — Your Spirit Is Pure and Eternal” You can watch it here: More videos from Mooji are available on Mooji.TV: and
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