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Sit Inside Your Own Radiance ~ Silent Sitting with Mooji

Category: Religion & Spirituality
Duration: 00:51:34
Publish Date: 2020-03-24 08:29:49
Description: In this afternoon’s silent sitting with Moojibaba during the Rishikesh satsang season, we are given the opportunity to sit together in silence with the Master, and to be present and open. “Each time it is completely new, but it is likely that at some intervals you might hear my voice. I won’t be speaking to your mind, so the best way to listen is just to be in a neutral, open space. Understanding will take place, a pointing will come to remind you. It is only in some way a synopsis and the quintessence of the pointings I have been making over these days. Never mind the mind; there is nothing to fix or to change. You are already the Self — for a long time dreaming you are separate from the Self. Now you rest inside your own splendour. Sit inside your own radiance.” Rishikesh, India 23 February 2020 ~ These talks are available in video and as downloadables on
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