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64: The Worst Day of My Life Was My Beginning (with Doug Bopst)

Category: Health
Duration: 00:44:37
Publish Date: 2019-09-19 02:01:00
Description: We're back this week with another from our series on doing life with people who are different from you. This week Dave sits down with Doug Bopst, a former felon turned fitness coach and author who turned his darkest moment into a path to the light. Prepare yourselves: this conversation will make you confront some uncomfortable truths about your own life, such as what types of things are you using to cope with discomfort, and are they propelling you forward or holding you back? Join us for this frank discussion on addiction, recovery, faith, support, and finding a way through it all.

To learn more about Doug Bopst, follow him on Instagram @dougbopst


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