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16 - The Curious Case of Dr. X

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Publish Date: 2020-02-26 23:00:00
It was an ordinary evening when Deputy Sheriff William E. McCoy, and patrol deputy Robert Goode were on routine patrol in Brazoria county, Texas. It was 11 P.M. when a dazzling set of purple and blue lights caught the two officer’s attention. The lights were coming from a craft the size of a football field. It looked to have a fuselage on one side, and looked like a giant set of wings without a fuselage. The large craft shone a brilliant purple beam down at the patrol car, and disappeared a short time later.

Earlier that day deputy Goode had sustained an injury to his index finger from his pet alligator. Minutes after the encounter, the wound was miraculously healed. UFO literature is full of cases like these. In 03 - The UFO Miracle we detailed the story of a young girl who was cured of cancer because of the intervention of UFO occupants. Author and researcher Preston Dennett has documented 300 plus cases of healing UFOs from across the world.

In this episode we explore one of these cases. The case of Dr. X, the French physician is one that survives in the pages of Flying Saucer Review and other such periodicals, but is not widely known. We still do not know the doctor’s true identity, but his story contains a miraculous encounter with a UFO that changed his life forever.

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