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Health Issues of Musicians

Category: TV & Film
Duration: 00:28:02
Publish Date: 2019-05-29 08:00:59

The human body is basically a bag of water with a bunch of chemicals mixed in…that’s an over-simplification, of course, but it’s an accurate description of the squishy bits that make up us…

It’s also true that every once in a while, something—or maybe a lot of things—go a little wonky with these squishy bits…yeah, we often hear of some guy up in the Ural Mountains who’s 117 years old who credits his longevity to bacon and unfiltered cigarettes…but that’s the exception…

The rest of us have to constantly be vigilant about our health, eating right, sleeping enough, reducing stress—all that sort of stuff…but not everything is preventable…bad genes…disease…accidents…

These same rules apply to the musicians we follow…they’re human, just like us…and every once in a while, we hear about their health challenges...and quite often, they’re very open about their issues…they want to be honest with their fans—and maybe by bringing attention to their situation, they can encourage awareness or those with similar health problems to seek treatment…

In other cases, we only found out there was a problem after the fact…that knowledge has helped us understand what happened…

So, without betraying any confidences or digging into private health records, here are some musicians who have battled their bodies and their brains, just like us regular folk…

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