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Trains, Planes, and AI, with Kent Collins [Season 3 - Episode 29]

Category: Business
Duration: 01:04:21
Publish Date: 2019-08-21 12:00:00

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This week, host Al Martin chats with Kent Collins, the solutions architect at BNSF Railway Inc. Al just did a panel with Kent in June at IDUG North America 2019, one of the premiere Db2 conferences. They talk about evolving technology, professional roles, and business opportunities -- and Kent shares his expertise on how to use statistics.

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Show Notes

01:25 - Connect with Kent Collins on LinkedIn and Twitter.

11:45 - What is Edge Computing?

44:05 - Blog: Enterprise Db2

Connect with the Team

Producer Liam Seston - LinkedIn and Twitter.

Producer Rachit Sharma - LinkedIn.

Producer Lana Cosic - LinkedIn.

Producer Meighann Helene - LinkedIn

Host Al Martin - LinkedIn and Twitter.

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