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58 - Let's Talk About Therapy: My Story and Your Questions

Category: Society & Culture
Duration: 00:47:50
Publish Date: 2019-11-03 17:03:23

In episode 58 Julie talks all about therapy. She starts with her history and story in terms of therapy and then answers your questions on the topic. This has been a very requested topic for Julie to talk about on a podcast episode, and she was thrilled to do it. Some of the questions she answered include: "How do you figure out what you want to go to therapy about?" "How do you find a good therapist?" "What if you just don't feel like going one day?" "Why do you think there is a stigma around therapy?" "How do I get my husband to agree to go with me?" and more. Enjoy!

Hashtag No Filter | Real, raw, honest, authentic conversations with real people. No sugar coating, no BS, and no filter. Topics range from dating to friendships to motherhood to nutrition to sex and quite literally, everything in between. You might laugh, you might cry, and you'll appreciate the honest and vulnerable conversations. Julie believes in living an unfiltered life, as seen through her podcast, her writing, and on her Instagram stories @julielauren14.

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