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#1923: Emboldened Electrons

Category: Games & Hobbies
Duration: 00:55:02
Publish Date: 2019-06-08 07:00:53
Description: Rob's car has trouble starting unless he holds the key in the start position for several seconds. Does Ray's Emboldened Electrons theory mean Rob's electrical system needs to read Profiles in Courage? Elsewhere, Gary is guilty until proven innocent for his mother-in-law's T-Bird catching fire, and even exculpatory evidence may not get him off the hook. Also, Isla's had to replace her Jeep's brake pads three times in the last year, and Midas says she's run out of free replacements; Carly has been living with a shaking Civic for two years; and Avital's ex-boyfriend is trying to convince her that motor oil behaves like bottled salad dressing.
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