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1451: Natural Antibacterials, Muscular Dystrophy, Anus Itch, ADD Lab Testing, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Viral Outbreaks, Low Heart Rate (HouseCall)

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Publish Date: 2020-01-26 00:00:00

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!   

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral, Can you please tell me what you would recommend for natural antibiotics for my 8 yr old daughter? We working to correct gut issues that we believe have stemmed from too many antibiotics and a previously poor diet. I don’t feel that giving her 9ml 4x a day of clindamycin will help improve her immune system or digestive health. I’ve ordered your labs and we’re in the process of completing them.To make a long story short, my daughter got something lodged in the bottom of her foot. We went to her PCP and then to an ortho doctor, who removed the object. My daughter continued to have pain and normal mobility decreased. We went to another ortho doc, but no one could pinpoint why my daughter was having pain and limping. We went to a pediatric ortho doc who confirmed that there was a foreign body still in her foot. We just had surgery and things went well. IV antibiotics & anesthesia were used during surgery. We were informed that if infection was found, we would be sent home with an additional antibiotic to treat. According to the doctor, there was no real indication of infection, only a small amount of fluid around the object, so I believe the clindamycin is preventative. She’ll be in a splint for about 2 weeks. I can somewhat understand using antibiotics during the surgery, but don’t feel good giving my daughter this amount of prescription antibiotics. What natural antibiotics or supports would you use for your daughters if in a similar situation? Thank you in advance for your wisdom and compassion.

Mary: Dear Dr. Cabral, I am writing on behalf of my husband who has recently been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age 72. The doctors have told him it's genetic and may run in the family, but I recently met one of your IHP graduates who told us about your Rain Barrel Effect book and is helping us change our diets as a starting point. Together we are trying to understand what triggered the onset at this late age. We've learned about the functional medicine tests, but are overwhelmed with the cost. Can you share any of your experience with this disease and what you've seen to be the most common root causes? Thank you for being such a wonderful human being and for sharing your wisdom of healing with the world!

Chris: Hi Dr Cabral team! Love your show and your work and hope you can help me! I am a 42 year old male with healthy diet & habits apart from high stress levels for quite a few years. About two years ago my anus started itching. It would come and go a few times but then got more persistent.It has now been going on for two years and after two separate visits to the GP, the diagnose was chronic pruritus ani. The only remedy suggested was use of steroids in the form of Advantan fatty ointment.I am not sure the diagnosis is right as the skin around the anus get's red, scaly and agitated when taking a hot shower. Unfortunately the only sense of relief is to scrub what seems to be skin cells from the area but then I think that worsens the eczema. While the steroids do remove the itching and inflammation, symptoms return a week or so later and the cycle repeats itself.I really don't want to apply more steroids but now my condition is worsening and I am feeling very frustrated. Any ideas on how I can test my way to what this is? I have also undergone the CBO protocol as well as the gut rebuilding protocol with no result. I also get mild psoriasis in my ear canal and it has been around for about the same time period, perhaps this is related? I have also been diagnosed with mild benign prostatic hyperplasia which I am told is not related but gives you a better overview of my overall health. Any ideas and suggestions appreciated! Chris

Mark: Dear Dr. Cabral I’m a keen follower of your overall work and actively listen to most of your podcasts. I’m based in London. Born and raised in south india. Married to my wife (who is also South Indian), and two children aged 8 and 12. (I share this given your own history in the sub continent) While I’ve had my own complexities with life in general, relative to mental and physical health, relationships and family, I would like to focus here entirely upon my son who is 12 years old. He was diagnosed with ADD (not hyperactive, if anything, very mild) a few years ago, and has been on medication (non stimulant) since. Straterra to begin with, and recently changed to Guanfacine.His symptoms I would say extend to beyond ADD related, has a non standard pencil grip, used to suffer with bruxism when little, lots of foods make him queasy and food is generally a struggle (exacerbated when he was on straterra, which I think may have been a side effect), has a history of swallowing glue/ blue tac in large quantities, has a tendency to drop things / spill drinks , is afraid of the dark and won’t sleep on his own after all these years of trying. Sport is not one of this main strengths, in fact on a school trip to Italy his form teacher mentioned that he was always tired/ lagging the group on most tours to places of interest. On a more general note, last but not least, he is very low on self confidence, not the first to voice his opinion, and won’t be the first to approach someone/ make conversation.As a parent it makes me really sad when I think about what life has in store for him. Many of these symptoms sound like my own childhood. I’ve spent some time researching his condition a number of books/podcasts on ADD, including one by Dr Gabor Mate. Arguably some of his condition could be influenced by poor parenting/ arguments at home and there is no doubt is a large part. I would really like to explore “fixing” his problems and dream that he enjoys a normal childhood, grows to be a confident young man, becomes popular in school once again with lots of friends. Would greatly appreciate any advice you have to offer. I know food/nutrition would play a large part of what you would recommend. I also hope to wean him off his medication having read how it doesn’t do a great deal of food for the longer term. Considering we live in the UK I also wonder what restrictions there are in terms of remote testing that would be allowed to ship to you in case protocols/tests form a part of the recommendation. I also wonder if the rest of the family(including myself) should also consider to be a part of the testing and we should all get tested as a family.Thank you in advance. And once again, thank you for all you do.

Megan: Hi Dr. C, apologies in advance for the long and personal question, but I know there are many women out there like me with similar issues regarding Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and I'm hoping your take on my situation will benefit all of us. I am 26, 130 lbs at 5ft8, and I haven't gotten my period in 1.5 years since going off the pill (which I was on for about 9 years after having only one natural period at age 13, followed by irregular periods). I was also dieting at a very young age (low carb in particular), so I know this likely wrecked havoc on my pituitary... However, I have never had a full blown ED, but I was nonetheless always very conscious of my eating and exercise habits. During the first 8 months or so of going off the pill, I was also living in a city while working 2-3 jobs so I was very stressed out but it felt like I had energy (thanks, cortisol!).I did the big 5 labs back in October 2018 which informed me all my hormones were practically 0, but my thyroid was fine though, and I was on the brink of adrenal burnout along with markers of candida, which could also explain the high cortisol. I did the CBO protocol and took DHEA along with the other baseline supplements she suggested, and while my digestion has slowly progressed, by period was still nowhere to be seen. Over the last 6 months, I have completely turned my life around, left the city and my stressful jobs, went traveling and enjoying my life, and came back to have my OBGYN run my labs in October 2019. My hormones looked MUCH better, all normal according to my doc, with Estradiol 52 pg/mL, Progesterone 0.17 ng/ml, LH 13.3 IU/L, FSH 6.7 IU/L, DHEA 4.7 ng/ml, TSH 2.29 uIU/mL, Free Test. 0.23 ng/dL and Total Test. 33 ng/dL....All this to say, my period is still missing and I am at a loss of what to do. I am a health coach myself, thus well versed in the importance of a healthy diet, eliminating stress, and low level exercise in cases of HA. I eat an abundant plantbased diet with occasional fish, I don't do any high-impact exercise or cardio beyond walking and yoga, and I do not feel stressed. In fact, I feel pretty amazing all around-- my hair, skin, nails, digestion, sleep schedule, energy are all the best they've been in a long time, and yet my 5th vital sign is missing! The only other option I've researched is the concept of forcing-feeding yourself 2500+ cals/day at any cost, no food restrictions (junk food, pancakes, pasta...), and eliminating all forms of exercise aside from stretching for 6+ weeks to "inform your body it isn't in danger"... but I find it hard to believe that I must be unhealthy in order to gain my period back. I'm also unsure whether doing a DCD would be helpful or harmful at this point. I am very lost, and would love your insight. Thank you for ALL that you do, each and every day, many thanks! - Megan

Molly: Hello, I have listened to Dr. Cabral for some time now. We have also done some food sensitivity testing through you guys for my daughter. Today, I am inquiring about myself. I currently have a shingles outbreak (I had my first one in January of 2019 and treated it with anti-viral meds). I have had several this year since the first one, always in the same spot on my back/side. I also became infected with genital herpes through and unfortunate and unforeseen incident 3 years ago. I had listened to one of Dr. Cabrals podcast awhile back about how it could be possible to get rid of the herpes virus for good. I'm not sure if both of these viruses could be nailed with one protocol, but either way I am looking for some guidance on how to go about this. With both of these viruses active in my body, I am not well a lot of the time. I have a herpes breakout at least once a month lasting anywhere from 3-7 days and is very painful. My nutrition is very anti-inflammatory. I do take his daily nutrition support everyday. Looking forward to having hearing back and having some hope for my future. Thank you Molly

Jon: Hi Doc, Jon from Aus here. I have a question about the Oura ring, I have one and notice my resting heart rate is on average 40 but goes around 38-39 also. Is this good or a concern? How does it affect blood circulation? Im predominately vata with pitta body type. Also can you explain heart rate variability, and when Rem,Non Rem, deep and light sleep(what they are and is there a "healthy" order of these types of sleep? Meaning are you in and out of all these cycles all through the night or is it supposed to be in order? I have heard you only dream at the end of your nights sleep or is that not true? hope that makes sense LOL second question (couldn't help myself sorry)I want to check my Blood Glucose levels. I bought a glucometer and check before each meal. I have a super metabolism and need 3 main meals a day plus 2-3 fruit snacks to keep me going. What should ideal glucose levels represent? I eat moderately healthy, some processed, and minimal meat. Exampl: I eat oats for breakkie at 6am and im starving by 8;30-9am. Cheers for any help, you are a great mentor #livinglegend!!!love your IHP 1-2 course also!! See you in Sydney! Jon


Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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