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When Pilots Break the Rules

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Duration: 00:24:11
Publish Date: 2019-11-20 09:09:41

It's an all-too human tendency, borne from our natural desire to find quicker solutions not only on the flight deck - but also in our daily lives. It's also something all pilots are likely guilty of, especially if you have thousands of hours as pilot in command. Today we explore why pilots choose to break the rules, and what can be done to overcome the natural desire to look for shortcuts, even when we fly.


  • Michael Ott, director of government contracting and an international captain for Phoenix Air Group
  • Charlie Precourt, NASA astronaut, former F-15 test pilot and instructor chairman of the Citation Jet Pilots Association's Safety Committee
  • Rickey Smith, chief pilot at Phoenix Air Group
  • Tom Turner, CFII and Executive Director for the American Bonanza Society's Air Safety Foundation
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