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#199: Patrick Dempsey, Meditation: The Secret to His Success

Category: Health
Duration: 01:09:36
Publish Date: 2019-08-07 02:00:23
Description: Patrick Dempsey is not just a pretty face. Sure he's widely known for playing McDreamy, aka Dr. Derek Shepherd, on ABC’s Grey's Anatomy, but that hardly scratches the surface. A meditator since the 1980's, he's used the practice to find the right state of mind for both his acting and professional race car driving. He's even traveled to India to further his practice. His mental training proved valuable during his mother’s battle with ovarian cancer, and he has since been inspired to start the Dempsey Center, which "makes life better for people managing the impact of cancer." In this enlightening conversation, he explains how mindfulness is a driving force in every aspect of his life. Plug Zone The Dempsey Center: The Dempsey Challenge: ***VOICEMAILS*** Have a question for Dan? Leave us a voicemail: 646-883-8326
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